About Us

Who We Are?

One fine day, working at top MNC software firm made us feel great and lucrative. Life is almost settled, working 20 days a month and making Lakhs of Bucks a months has become quite easy. Even though we work for MNC, we are not satisfied under our skin. Our Mother India Dream and patriotism were kindling in our deep soul. To make free from the Bondage from the MNC, we determined to contribute our technological support to our country which feed us for years. On that day we gathered Courage, Will Power, Strength and Dedication from our great leaders, who served only for our nation. On those days we were the Strongest of all the countries, Bravest, Wealthiest and not to forget Healthiest. We put our heart and soul to get back those days, where we were the Super kings of all.

What We Do?

To achieve all our dreams and desire, we made ourselves as a team and incorporated as Design-India. We through the technology, help the Indian firms to design their company websites, safe E-mail Ids, SEO, website maintenance, website Hosting and technology consulting.  Our web services are only for the Indian companies in a very affordable prize. We help the great Indian companies to succeed in their technical prospect. Design-India, as a technical team coordinates all your business activities to save more time and utilize the manpower effectively. We can make your website ready for the world within 2 working days.  It is our responsibility to guide you, teach you, support you and serve you in all the technical knowledge. We stand next to you in all times of difficulties and happiness. We build relationship with each and every Indian company to form a great business community. We respect your business, we respect Our Mother India.